Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Another Salicylate-Free Day

I have finally succumbed to the flu virus which was freely given to me by my little boy!

Since my immune system is hard at work fighting this virus, I won't tax it with salicylates. I definitely do not want another attack! Things have been relatively peaceful. And I plan to and am VERY determined to keep life that way.

I baked a slice of Spanish Mackerel. I did not use salt nor oil. Just plain baked fish and it was very delicious as the fish was very sweet. I cooked 'nai pak' vegetable with slices of garlic and salt and sunflower oil. And I boiled chicken soup. A perfect meal with hot steaming rice!

Though the fish looks burnt and dry, it is not burnt, nor is it dry. I find that if I bake the fish to this state, my stomach is able to tolerate and I need not run to the toilet after the meal.

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