Friday, 4 November 2011

Day Three of Salicylate-Free Diet

Today is day-three! Yay!!!! Health is very good where salicylates are concerned. The stomach is not too good though because of the cabbage that was eaten on the first day. It caused the reflux to flare-up again. Will be avoiding cabbages for the time being.

Today's salicylate-free dish is 100% chicken soup. Or chicken broth to some of you. I stir-fried the 'pak choy' with garlic, a bit of salt and sunflower oil. And I made steamed beancurd. It was a very satisfying meal!

Chicken soup with rice, 'pak choy' vegetable and steamed beancurd


  1. i have been wondering, is chicken the healthiest meat compared to all other meat?

  2. @Lily: I buy antibiotics-free chicken. Maybe turkey? But I don't know where to get fresh turkey over here. I have not eaten pork for a year now. I reacted to it. It must have been the antibiotics in the pork.