Friday, 25 November 2011

Container Garden - An Update

The weather here has been very wet. It has been raining everyday. And on certain days, it even rained a few times a day. And sometimes, ALL DAY! And the rain has brought out the snails in full force. The picture below is a day's worth of catch.
Escargot, anyone?
Giant snail on okra plant
As if the vegetables weren't enough, this one decided to 'chomp' on the broom as well!
The rain has caused many of the older tomato plants to contract fungus. And the spider mites have been causing havoc for the okra plants.
This tomato plant contracted fungus and died as a result of it. I managed to harvest all of the tomatoes before the plant died.
One of the tomatoes
A deformed okra
An infestation of aphids and cottony cushion scale (Icerya purchasi) on an okra leaf
The transparent tiny spheres are the spider mite eggs

The damp and wet weather caused powdery mildew to infect the okra leaves too.

The deformed red okra with a perfectly formed okra
There were some good harvest too. Below is the 2nd harvest of the Kangkung vegetable.

2nd Harvest of Kangkung
A perfect mini capsicum
Some okras and cherry tomatoes
Siu Pak Choy
Nai Pak, some okras and cherry tomatoes
The okras and cherry tomatoes
 Below are some of the new vegetables/plants that I have been growing.

Radish in a pot!
Radishes and SNAIL in a pot!
A new pot of capsicum seedlings. I have another 3 more pots of capsicum seedlings.
New cherry tomato tree. I have another four new trees growing.

And I left this tray of red spinach to bolt as I wanted the seeds. By doing this, I do not need to buy seeds.


  1. What a wonderful haul of vegetables and what enormous snails...they must do a huge amount of damage! I've recently discovered that if I drop them into soapy water it quickly kills them.

  2. @Sue: Thank you! I shall try soapy water for the next escargot gathering! Hehe... :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! Congrats on that hard work and that beautiful garden!

  4. @Doll House: Thank you very much! :)

  5. Do you actually prepare and eat the escargot?

    1. OH NO!! I never eat any of the escargot found in the garden!! :)