Monday, 14 November 2011

I Am Free

My once broken and trampled upon soul
Has been healed and made completely whole
My insides are healed
And the healing is sealed

I no longer live under the umbrella of fear
He who has ears, let him hear
Out of the mouth of warriors who have fought in battles
Say, 'If you overcome fear, you will have no more hurdles.'

Eat, Pray, Love
Has taught me that life does not fit like a glove
But when you do find yourself
You will have gained a lifetime of wealth

I have found inner peace
A peace that surpasses all understanding
All previous strife in my life has ceased
Love, joy, laughter, contentment, all never ending

My mind is singing
My heart is dancing
My soul is advancing
So to all you foes, it is you that I will be lancing

I have Life
I have Jah
I am free


  1. Yeah....agree with Marina - nicely written :) Did u try yr hand at writing & joining the receipt stories that I recommended b4??? I think u will win.

  2. @Tammie: Too much stuff happening to have time to write for the receipt stories. Will try when time permits.