Monday, 6 August 2012

41 Months

Time sure flies. It has been 41 months since the day I met Death. As I am writing this, reminiscing all that has happened, all that I have gone through, the places in Life that I have gone through during these 41 months, I feel satiated and a sense of accomplishment.

You exclaim.

Am I healed?

Have I overcome the biggest obstacle of my life: to live in perfect health?

Can I smell, eat and use anything that I fancy?

Can I drop everything and go anywhere in a heartbeat?

Can I live life as 'normal' people do?

So how can I feel satiated and have a sense of accomplishment?

I can feel satiated because I fought the fight with all of me. I did not go into battle with a half-hearted, half-prepared Evelyn. I did not give up, although I fell down many times. I did not mop in self-pity. I made sure I got up after every fall. I climbed back up the mountain of Salicylates-and-Chemicals after sliding down a millionth time. I got up again and again and again and again AND again. And the 'again and again' is never ending.

And I have started to see a glimmer of hope.

My body started healing in different ways.

My eyesight has improved.

I have been able to take two different types of biscuits and a type of organic flakes. And they are not made by ME!!!! I bought them of the shelves of supermarkets!

I have traveled for the first time on a plane in a very, very long time to another country.

I have pushed myself beyond the boundaries of the life of a salicylate-chemical-sensitive person.

I drive a minimum of 180km every week.

I am able to eat food with salicylates in small amounts.

And that, is a great accomplishment for this warrior!

Just as our national badminton shuttler did not win the gold medal in last night's Olympic 2012 badminton competition, he is a winner indeed even with the silver medal. A champion. A glorified fighter. Because he fought all the way to the end without giving up. He gave his very best. He gave his all. And that makes him a winner!

My battle is far from over. My struggles are far from being over. But at where I am now, I can say that I have fought with all of my heart, with all of my might, with all of me. And that makes me a winner. And thus, I can feel satiated and say that I have accomplished much.

'I shall not die of a cold.  I shall die of having lived.' - Willa Cather


  1. Yay!!!! And yay again and again! You're right! You are a platinium medallist. better than gold. don't stop fighting until the fighting's over. then give one last kick! We're truly proud of you Girl! And we LOVE you! stay in there!

  2. Replies
    1. I think it all started when I passed the first month, then the second , then the third... And then it became in months! :)

  3. Soon you will count the years as you celebrate yr birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Live on and live life.