Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Container Garden - A Stormy Update

We had the mother of all storms on Monday and boy, did it wreak havoc in the garden!

It broke my corn plant, tore the pandan plant's roots from the soil and snapped them into half, moved a giant pot with the 7-feet jasmine plant 1 foot to the left, blown a few cherry tomatoes to God-knows-where, caused another tomato plant to collapse, and caused a huge mess. It snapped many twigs. Even the watering can was not spared. It was flung to the patio!

It was a nightmare.
Look at the corn plant on the ground! *SOB!*
The freak storm which murdered many of my plants!
The pandan plant which was ripped out from the pot!
The corn surrendered to the storm!
Periwinkles all in 'kow-tow' positions to the storm!
All 'kow-tow-ing' to the power of the storm!
The 'flash-flood' in our city!
I was shocked to see that this pot was 'blown' a foot to the left! It is impossible! This pot is about 40kg to 50kg. The wind was truly a mighty one! I am glad none of our roof tiles were blown off!

 The garden is still in a mess. I have no idea where to start. Sigh...


  1. Oh my! That is dreadful. It's very disturbing to nurture plant babies and then have something like that happen.

    Does the rain and the storm help with the haze? I love rain where I live because it cleans the air so wonderfully.

    1. The rain did help in clearing the haze. We have been having fresh air these few days. :)

      The garden is another story.... I'll start again!

  2. Very sorry to see this. Don't let it stop you from trying again. It's all so impressive.

  3. Goodness, these images remind me of the deep respect for nature that often goes into hibernation...such powerful forces! I'm not quite as sorry for that corn plant as I should be, being allergic to it myself, but I'm glad for the survivors!!! I know how hard it is to face a huge mess like that when you aren't necessarily at your best, though, especially when some of the 'victims' were intended to be allergy free family food.

    1. I actually planted the corn for my family. Corn is high in salicylates. :)

      Thanks Violets! Hope you're feeling good and healthy. :)