Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Trip to an Island (Part 1 - The Journey)

Last Wednesday, we went on a short trip to the island called Penang.

You can click on LINK to read more about Penang.

It was a smooth journey as it was a non-school-holiday period.

The Hotel

The 'haunted' corridor! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 
The hotel was old but it had a small kitchen where I could reheat my frozen food. Both the hall and room aircons broke down and had to be serviced on the first evening itself. It blasted hot air and then rained during the night. And it was so noisy that we felt we were sleeping in a factory of some sorts.

But it was a nice short holiday.


  1. Excellent! How fun to go on holiday! I take it the room didn't stink?

    1. It had a slight musty smell. We opened up all the sliding doors and aired the place. We also brought our MedKlin air sterilizer along.