Wednesday, 22 April 2015

A Trip to an Island (Part 2 - An Excrutiating Reaction & A Trip to the Hill)

On the way to the hotel, I was already feeling a bit unwell. By the time it was night time, I had a full blown attack which had me cringing in severe pain. I couldn't sleep and was in desperation. I swallowed so much medication - antihistamines, IBS medication, anti-nausea medication, reflux medication. By early morning I told my husband we had to go home.

And then I rushed to the bathroom to let everything out. And then again and again.

And then I just slept in exhaustion the whole day. We stayed in.

I still have no idea what triggered the attack.

Hubby went out to buy some rice. I boiled porridge chicken and lettuce iceberg lettuce to calm the intestines and system down. That helped a lot. We didn't go home after all. The trip wasn't ruined!

On the third day, we went out to the Penang Hill. I still wasn't 100% ok, but could trudge along with the guys.

The train!
A panoramic view of part of the island from the hilltop.

All sorts of owl figurines!

The lane of love where many people express their love for each other and 'lock' it up for eternity.
That was some giant squirrel.
The Penang Hill Post Box which was put up during the reign of Queen Victoria. 


  1. What are those love lock things? Tell me about that.

    SO glad the reaction went away! I wonder what it was. Just looking at that photo with all those people in the train station gives me the willies. I'd had a reaction to most of them I bet!

    1. There's a little booth selling padlocks and heart shaped pieces of plastic for people to write down their love for one another. And then they will lock the padlock up 'sealing their love for one another for eternity'. I wonder how many of them broke up after professing their love on the locks! HAHA!