Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Home-Made Chicken Floss


1. 1 whole chicken (which was used to boil soup)
2. Sea-salt
3. Tamari sauce
4. Sunflower oil
5. *Sesame seed oil
6. *White pepper (grounded)


1. Debone the whole chicken.

2. Place the meat in a food processor and blend it until it is fine.
3. Add sea-salt, sunflower oil and tamari sauce to the blended chicken (if you can tolerate, add grounded white pepper and sesame seed oil). The amount of the ingredients is up to how tasty you want it to be.

4. Heat a wok on high heat.

5. Drizzle some sunflower oil.

6. Once the oil is heated up, add the blended chicken mixture and fry.

7. Turn the heat to medium and fry the mixture continuously until it has turned golden brown.

8. Scoop up the dish onto serving plate.

9. You can serve it with hot rice or keep them in freezer bags for future use.

Bon appétit!