Monday, 4 March 2013

A Brief Respite! (Part 1)

Hubby had a 2-day company retreat on Friday and Saturday. And it was held at a hotel which has water chalets.

Joel had suggested that we follow hubby for a short holiday. You see, he LOVES beaches. I wasn't really thrilled of the idea. I was exhausted and going anywhere would need extensive preparation. We said no to Joel.

But then I started thinking. Why not? Joel is a kid who needs to go to places to have experiences in life. And he is such an outdoor person.

Thus I decided that we would go. And we kept the change of mind from Joel until Friday morning. Boy, was he THRILLED!

I baked and cooked my food from Tuesday to Thursday. Even though it was only two days, I would need main meals and snacks! And the place had no kitchen. I had to get creative with my food!

The first day's meal was kept in 3 Thermos jars. I made chicken + potato stew, stir-fried cabbage with garlic, fried egg and rice. The second day's food was my own home-made instant noodles which I had froze in the freezer on Thursday. I packed the two frozen packets of noodles with ice-packs in a styrofoam box. And I brought my trusty old rice pot and used the steam function to reheat the noodles. I baked potatoes and boiled some hard boiled eggs to be eaten as snacks. I also made some rice crackers. I baked a butter cake but I had forgotten to bring it along! But food was more than enough because I did not have much appetite.

The one good thing that the trip did for me was that I was able to sleep in the afternoons! I'm always on the road during afternoons. I never get a chance to nap even though I am exhausted. But I managed to nap for about 3 hours during the 2 days! And that really refreshed, rejuvenated and recharged me.

The beach is about 109km from our home. The journey took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

And I am extremely glad that we went.

For it was a brief respite indeed!

2 beds and a day-bed.
The tub.
The 'outdoor' shower.
The 'open-roof' which is next to the shower area.
You can look down at the sea while you are showering.
Low tide on the 1st day! Perfect for crab hunting.
Awesome cloud!

The high tide was returning!
The water chalets!
A dead crab.
Beautiful skies!


  1. I love you love skies and clouds! How wonderful to have a holiday! Such a beautiful place. It always amazes me a change of scenery or an adventure, even a short one, can rejuvenate us in unexpected ways. Hooray for your vacation!

    That open floor in the shower is interesting. Don't they worry critters can climb in? So...when you shower does the water drain into the ocean?

    1. The 'open space' looking down into the sea can be akin into looking into a well.

      I think I worried more about people climbing in from the roof! I had all sorts of 'visitors' - as in all sorts of birds when I was in the bathroom showering or peeing. I think people have been feeding them and they have become 'tame'. There was a bird with red eyes. And there were pigeons and doves too! And not forgetting the CROWS!

      The water from the shower drains into the pipes and to the sewers. You can see the pipes at the bottom of the chalets in the chalet picture I put up above. But they could have diverted the pipes somewhere along the line. I do not know! Hehehehe....

  2. I am so happy you had a nice vacation. I linked to you in my blog today.

    1. Thanks Cindy! I am very sad to read your latest update. I do hope things settle for you and that there will be some improvement somehow, soon. This may sound cliche and easy-to-say, but stay strong. I know how you feel.

      Lots of hugs and love.

  3. lOVELY! So happy for you. Good job preparing the food.

    I can't stay in hotels currently because of the scents, cleaners etc. Did any of those bother you? Hope not!

    1. There wasn't any strong scents in the room. I opened up the doors to air the place though. :)

  4. I'm glad you decided to go - and that you had a good time!

  5. Do you do okay with their sheets and bedding? That's so great. Is it mostly strong smells that bother you now? I'm still on the can't be around the slightest of anything chemical without breathing trouble. I hope you are improving!!!

    1. I was ok with this hotel's sheets and bedding. I brought mine from home too - just in case. My scent/smells problems varies from day to day. If my immune system is low or I am not doing well on that day, my system will be more prone to every single smell that is around me. On some days I can bear the nightbour's detergent, on some days it burns my mouth. I too hope for some improvement. I hope that you've improved too! :)

    2. Thanks for explaining Evelyn! I have really improved on so many fronts...except the inhaled stuff. Can't go anywhere indoors for more than a few minutes. One day at a time. Your trip keeps me motivated!! Keep posting :)