Thursday, 21 March 2013

Still Battling Influenza B!

It has been a week since I fell really ill. In those times when I felt the nights really creeping by, today a week has passed.

The crazy fever spikes have left. I was still burning till 101F on Monday night. I went to see my ENT on Tuesday afternoon. He said that I was recovering and I might have a few more nights of mild fever. The insides of my sinus and nose were red, swollen and mighty bruised. And that's part of the aftermath with an encounter with Influenza B. He also said that I did not have any sinus nor ear infection but there were some crackling and popping sounds in my lungs.

I got a Ventolin inhaler from the hospital and used it every 4 hours just to get relieve from the hacking cough. It helped. And I continued with Zrytec-D every night to help with the severely blocked nose.

The fever still comes back every night at around 8something, but it is less than 100F. Other than that, I still have the severe dizzy spells, trembling, extreme fatigue and exhaustion.

I have started moving around a bit at a time. But at this point of time, I dare not push myself too much as my body is still not completely well.

But it's a start that the end of the battle is drawing near!


  1. Take it easy and rest up! Do they say why you have a fever at night? Did they say how long it lasts on average? What about that tropical disease - is that over?

    1. It's a viral fever. It spikes usually at night for me. It could last for about a week. Tropical disease, which is the normal flu/cold/cough? Is that what you mean?

    2. Didn't you say you also had "dengue" or something like that? It sounded exotic... :)

      Get well!

    3. Dengue is not the least exotic. It has become a 'norm' over here. And it is very dangerous. It could lead to death as it turn to 'hemorrhaging dengue fever'.