Thursday, 14 March 2013

Super-Duper Germs!

I started to have fever late last night. Sleep was terrible. My whole body was aching. My joints were aching. I felt as though I had been run over by two buses.

By this morning, I was burning at 100F. And then it became 101F. And then it became 102F. And then it became 102.9F. Hubby took EL and rushed home and took me to the ER.

The doctor ordered a nose swab for me since Joel is Influenza B positive and also some blood tests. Results showed that my platelet count to be very low. So are my white blood cells. And I have a bacterial infection. But the swab came back negative for Influenza A and B.

Doctor suggested dengue could be the cause since my platelet count is low. But then again, viral fever can be a factor in lowering the platelets too.

I have to return on Saturday morning to do a dengue test and also the platelet count again as it will be the third day since the fever attack.

We had to bring Joel to the ER last night as he was wheezing and his body broke out in rash. We were worried that it could be dengue as he and I were bitten at the beach in PD. His tests were negative! Yay! His platelets are good!

The doctor prescribed Zithromax antibiotic for the bacterial infection and at this point of time, the fever has dropped. As I am typing this, the fever has broken. What a relief....

Your prayers for us are much appreciated.

Thank you!