Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A Diarrhoea-Ful Day!

Yesterday was the day that the car needed to see its doctor for its 3-monthly checkup. I had an 8.20am appointment. Well, I left the house at 7am. I would be early. Or so I thought.

Of all mornings, it decided to POUR! I mean, the heavens just opened up and POURED!!!! Oh well, I was still early. (Yeah, right!)

I got caught in a jam for 1 1/2 hours! It was so frustrating!

But the beautiful sun which was slowly emerging from the dark clouds put a smile on my face!

And then I started to feel some mild rumblings in my bowels. Well, that's normal. Sometimes it happens.

I arrived at the service centre at 8.30am! By then the intestine rumblings got louder. I thought they were doing some Mambo in there.

After registering the car, I took a seat to wait.

Before my bum could even heat the seat up, the Mambo dance became a frantic war dance. The war cry was just too strong.

I got up, went to the toilet and appeased the war cries.

That was it! (Or so I thought!)

Frantic war dance became a wretched soul's howling cries. It was so disturbing that I had to run to the toilet and appease whatever that soul was screaming.

That was done! (Not so, said the bowels!)

It progressed to the howlings of a banshee. It then evolved to a battleground in WW1. It then promoted itself to WW2. And it went on to even WW3.

I think I had even purged my lungs out by the time I was done! I could not even FEEL that I had any intestines left in me. I had gone to the toilet for 8 times!

I could not wait to get home.

But I had a very strong prompting in my heart to ask my hubby to how he was feeling. He too said he had much rumblings in the bowels. If the both of us have this, then Joel too must be going through the same thing! And he was in school!!!

After I got my car at nearly 11am, I sped to his school.

True enough he had purged twice in school and had gone to the infirmary.

I then had another excruciating battle at the school's toilet.

We left school and headed for the ER. Joel was nauseated in the car.

The doctor said that we have some stomach bug. We were given anti-diarrhoea medication, anti-nausea medication and ORS (Oral Rehydrating Salts).

I drank a glass of the anti-diarrhoea medication the moment I arrived home. I was so weak, exhausted and dehydrated. I could barely stand. It was a miracle we made it home without having to stop at some petrol station!

But the episodes continued at home. He purged. And I purged. By the time night came, I don't think I had any bowels left. I had gone to the toilet for 11 times!

Joel was on MC today. Unfortunately I do not have any MC. Hubby came home after lunch. I was spent.

I could only stomach this horrible looking porridge.
This was Joel's. I could only take a quarter of this amount. YUCKS!
Sleep was so disruptive last night. Joel too had very disruptive sleep.

And then a sore throat crept in today. Oh boy....


  1. GOOD GOD! Are you sure it wasn't food poisoning? Can you tolerate all those drugs? Your body was certainly trying to get rid of something. I hope you are feeling better! Drink lots of clean water.

    1. I have not had food poisoning for 4 1/2 years now ever since I could not eat outside food! Hubby only had one episode. But hubby's colleague took EL and took her son home mid-way school. He had diarrhoea too. Some stomach bug maybe?????

    2. Her son and Joel go to the same school!