Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blood Test Results

I had some blood tests done 3 weeks ago.

I received my results today.

I have perfect health according to the results. I even tested for the anti-thyroid peroxidase (anti-TPO). It came back negative. The reading was within range which was 17.9 which is less than 35, which is normal.

My physician said that I am good to go for another year.

Which should make me feel very happy.

I am. But at the same time sad. Because I achieved this by living a very strict regime. My health demands that I live a dictatorship life. It's good for the body. But draining for one's soul at many times. The price to pay is high. The stakes are equally as high.

I am like a wild horse at times being held back by a thousand reins. I feel like breaking free. I wish for more spontaneity. I can't go anywhere without having to deal with what to prepare, cook and eat.

I get so tired of always thinking ahead. I want to pack my bags at a whim and go somewhere far away and just eat (without worrying AND knowing that I will die from doing so!)


It gets tiring after 4 1/2 years.

Oh well, here's to another year full of good health!


  1. HAHAHA I've never seen that video with Freddie Mercury dressed like a girl!

    I hear ya. How wonderful to be spontaneous. Didn't we take it for granted?

    Congrats on the blood lab results. It could be worse. At least the results aren't bad and you are doing all this work for nothing. Think positive.

  2. Have you gone down the biomed path? We have definitely seen positive results from this and can tolerate a little bit of new foods. Or GAPS protocol to do some proper gut healing?

    1. I have not heard of GAPS. I will do some research about it. Thank you Jayne. :)

  3. I totally hear where you are coming from, the upside is your hard work is paying off and keeping you healthy. But if you had negative test results you could give up and rejoin the toxic flock.

    Have you tried biomedicine? Looking at what is wrong with your body's processing that might be causing the extreme intolerance? We have been taking targeted supplements for twelve months with some improvement and some more foods being removed from diet. For us that could be false positives, as the foods we are introducing are GAPS/Paleo friendly, but not necessarily low in salycilates.

    I wonder if you have gone down the path of GAPS protocol for healing?

    You are further into this game than I, but you just never know.

    The best of health and healing to you.

    1. I will be going to Singapore next year to see an immunologist/allergist. Apparently, the hospital that I will be going to has a specialized department for people who have had anaphylaxis and many times the causes are unknown. Also there are many people who are salicylate sensitive. Even babies born with it. And have it through their adult life.

      I have never heard of GAPS. Will read on it. Thanks Jayne. I'm somewhat more chemical and amines intolerant now than salicylate as I have been able to tolerate cucumbers, broccoli, tomatoes, pepper, etc for a few months now. It's a slow journey but am getting there.