Sunday, 22 September 2013

Happy 2nd Bloggersary!

Another year has passed.

'The Right to be Alive' is now officially 2 years old.

2 years old. The age where a toddler begins to understand 'now', 'later' and 'a few minutes'. It is a stage where the toddler is able to follow simple instructions, realizes that she/he is a separate individual, where temper tantrums manifest itself quite often, and is also able to command about 50 words.

Well, 'The Right to be Alive' certainly does understand the meaning of 'now' and 'later'. I mean, the slow climb to better health did not magically appear overnight. Neither did it come 'later'. It happened 'VERY, VERY, VERY much later!' And it's not even back to 100% normal. It's like about 40%. So I guess this 2-year-old toddler GETS the meaning of now, later and a few minutes.

And don't get me started on the 'temper tantrums'. I think it can be likened to 'menopausal craziness'! Anyway, I think this toddler has learned to follow simple instructions such as 'cannot eat or smell', 'must sleep early', 'sleep is thy vitamin', 'you must eat even if you don't feel like eating' and etc etc etc....

50 words?!! I think this toddler surpasses 50 words. Hell, this toddler can even swear like a sailor...Oh shit!

A very happy 2nd birthday to 'The Right to be Alive'! You are indeed alive! Alive with much frustrations and joy, sadness and happiness, health and sickness, peace and burdens, insomnia and deep-sleeps, calm and tsunami-filled days and the-never-ending fight to attain the finish line in one piece.


  1. HAPPY BLOGGERSARY!!! I LOVE your two-year-old analogy. So perfect and eloquent. May you have many, many more bloggersaries to come and lots of healing with each one.

  2. Hey Girl!
    Take each day as it comes, the years will fly by!
    Take each challenge as it comes, you will surmount them!
    In the end you will have lived to your fullest potential!
    And that's no small victory!