Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Short Getaway - Part 2

We had actually planned for just a one night's stay at the beach resort. Of course to a little boy, one night just isn't enough!

And then I had a call from my neighbour.

More than 1 million people in Klang Valley had unannounced water cut due to some spilt diesel into the river which leads to the dam. And we were affected as well.

Thus, we would be heading back to NO WATER!

OH MY GOD! Imagine, after a vacation, with so much laundry and no water??!!

Many eateries too, were closed due to no water.

We decided to extend for another day. But it was fully booked!

Thus, we packed up and we were ready to check-out when lo and behold, there was call telling us that there was an empty chalet. Would we like to have it?


And then came the interesting part....

I had no more food!

I had just finished my last meal, which was lunch!

We drove out and bought a small 1kg packet of rice and a small carton of 10 eggs.

I had brought my rice cooker with me to reheat my food which I had frozen. (I froze them in plastic bags. They were like blocks of ice. I had forgotten to take pictures of them. I kept them in a styrofoam box. They were still as hard as rocks on the 2nd day!)

TA DAH! Lightly fried egg rice! No oil. No sugar. Just some salt. 
This was the spa. I was really in need of a massage. The great thing is they offer massage with no oil or cream BUT the place was saturated with lime incense oil. I was so disappointed.
It was slightly hazy on the first day.
It was clear skies on the second day! YAY!
Low tide!
VERY horrible looking water. Smells awful too.
The day we arrived, the moment I turned on the tap, I could SMELL the water. I told my husband that the water smelt like rust + fungus. And the picture above is the colour of the water. I couldn't drink it. It tasted so horrible. I drank bottled water all the way. We usually boil the water for hot drinks. Not this time. I messaged a friend who lived nearby and she said the water 2 days before we arrived was even browner and smelt worse! YUCKS! I didn't have any reaction to the water. But I couldn't take the taste.
The third day! We'll see you again Port Dickson!
And how could I not take a picture of this cute little creature? Right Miss MCS? Hehe...


  1. I'm so glad you posted the second part of your getaway - I've been dying to find out how the rest of it went. That water is scary! But your lack of water at home is scarier! So glad you stayed. I rarely drink tap water anymore. No telling what could be in it!

    1. I'm fine with boiled tap water. But THIS tap water was HORRIBLE!

  2. Where was that bunny? Was he also on vacation? Or is that the place with all the bunnies you wrote about before? (I think - I might be confused...)

    1. Yup, this bunny is from the same place I went a few months back.

  3. Traveling has become so challenging for me, too...especially the food. This past August, we stayed at a beach side hotel with a pool. I went into the pool and within five minutes I was having a reaction. I quickly got out and rinsed off...most likely the chlorine. Oh, well...no more pool for me. I have had a problem with getting a massage as well. My last placed used the baby oil I brought and I was fine with it. The place where you stayed was beautiful. Too bad about the water but glad you were not effected by it. We all need to get away sometimes. xoxo

    1. I can't even stand the smell of chlorine. That's why I never swim.

  4. Eww gross water

    Will you post on how to make egg rice? I could eat that but don't know how to make it!