Friday, 27 June 2014

12 Things You Should Never Say to Someone with a Chronic Health Condition

This is a MUST read!

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  1. Number 8 is my favorite. Sometimes stupid people are hilarious.

    I don't understand why "I'm sorry" is a bad response. I'm trying to think of all the scenarios where someone would be talking about their condition to someone else and the purpose of their talking about it. If a person is sorry to hear of a health problem, why not say "I'm sorry" as in "I'm sorry you are having to suffer" "I am sorry you are being inconvenienced" "I'm sorry life just screwed you over". If the person doesn't want people to say "I'm sorry" then they need to stop talking about themselves. "I'm sorry" is simple, too the point without gushing and causing a scene, and it's honest. Or it's not honest, you don't give a crap about their health problems, and you just need a simple response to end the conversation. Rarely when someone is talking about their health do they want to end the conversation. If anything "I'm sorry" isn't enough sympathy for some people.

    I also have issues with the giving advice for herbs or supplements. Now, I am opposed to pills of any kind and I know for a fact there are no easy answers, but if someone shares their health issues with me and I've experienced the same problem, if I know of something that has worked for me, you bet I'm going to share. That's just compassion and a desire to alleviate someone's pain. That's the whole point of my blog!

    1. Maybe the 'I'm sorry' is the tone it was being said in?????

    2. Maybe, but it doesn't sound like it. The guy in the article suggests people say instead, "I'm here for you." Really? Suppose I don't want to be there for them? I'm just sorry. I think a better response is "Oh, really." It's neutral, but then the person will probably feel slighted that they aren't being given enough sympathy. If you tell people about your health are you offended if they say "I'm sorry?" I'm not. I just shrug and say "That's life."