Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Bloody Haze is Back!

The acrid burning smell is in the air again. With the heat wave and El Nino combined, we have been baking in an oven everyday.

On some days, it reaches to 40C! Such heat triggers lots of peat fire and fires.

Scorching hot weather is truly an understatement. And the haze is back.

Sometimes the things that people do during the haze really do make me wonder...

1. Parents bring kids to the playground as the children 'need to exercise'.
I heard this parent exclaim this to the child as they were walking past my house on their way to the playground to 'exercise'. And the parent was talking in a very loud voice which even the deaf could hear. I could hear them behind my closed doors!!

2. Men, women, old men, and old women exercising and chatting in the haze.
Really????! It's a wonder their lungs didn't turn black and expired on the spot.

3. Families in a car with all windows wound down.
Excuse me, this isn't the Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands where that 'misty-looking-air' is REALLY mist. And the child was poking his head out of the window 'enjoying-his-super-duper-fresh-air'.

4. People hang their laundry (EVEN the bedsheets and RUGS) out in the HAZE!
I know not everyone has dryers. But one can get the octopus laundry hangers to hang them indoors. The heat will dry them. If you hang them outdoors, the dust particles from the haze will stick to your clothes and they smell of SMOKE when you keep them.

5. People use their palms to cover their face when outdoors...

6. People open their windows to 'air' their house during the haze.

Coming up next: What's In The Haze???!!!


  1. I'm still thinking you should move to Canada or go on extended vacations every haze season.

    1. Extended vacations costs $$$$$$$$$$$! I definitely would if I could.

    2. Only if you act like you are on vacation. Once you get past the airfare, spend six months living like you do at home. You'd have to rent a house, but maybe you could sublet your own house? I don't know. There must be a solution. Lots of people do it and move back and forth between places. Most people here do it for weather so they spend the summers in cooler climates then move to Arizona for the winter where the winters are warmer. Why can't you do it?

    3. Well, there's school for Joel. Hubby needs to work. My brother lives with me - so no subletting the house. For now, we don't see ourselves moving anywhere even for 1 month.