Saturday, 6 December 2014

The ABCs - I is For Inflammation & Inflammatory Food (Part 3)


I'm sure I do not need to go through the list of ingredients that processed food has. Artificial sweeteners, flavours, additives, preservatives and etc is enough to bring down a healthy bull!


Even though the artificial sweeteners are not sucrose, there is a possibility of a person developing diabetes type II from constantly consuming these artificial sweeteners. So do not think that you are safe from diabetes by consuming these!

Some of these artificial sweeteners will not raise the blood sugar level after consumption as they are not carbohydrates. BUT the sugar alcohols (which occur naturally in some fruits and vegetables) and are now artificially produced are carbohydrates. And carbohydrates raise the blood sugar level. The sugar alcohols are found in chocolate, candy, chewing gums, frozen desserts, mouth wash, toothpaste, baked goods and food spreads.


Gluten attacks the lining of the gut of people with the Celiac disease. Our intestines are layered with villi which is where nutrients are absorbed. Gluten flattens these villi and cause them to lose the ability to absorb nutrients from food we ingest.

The end result would be malnourishment, a leaky gut and a compromised immune system.

For more information on what gluten does to people, click on LINK.

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  1. Gluten actually attacks the lining of the gut of ALL people, not just those with Celiac disease. Humans can't digest it well...