Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2014

My high school best friend gave me a pass to the preview of the Big Bad Wolf Sales! She gave me one last year but I had the emergency surgery so last year was a no-show for me.

I went with two of my neighbours and I was happily drowning in a huge sea of books. It was so wonderful. Even though I had to leave early and had only 3 hours, it was still great. At least I had 3 glorious hours.

I too had a roller bag this round!
I had this book when I was about 5 years old. Amazing that this is still around.

They had some clowns performing some tricks for the little children.
Some bicycles too!

A Hello Kitty section. And this was not all of it. There was a bigger section with all sorts of Hello Kitty books!

These were what I bought! I was (still am) one very happy person!


  1. Fun! Doesn't it stink there? The ink in new books stink to me.

    1. I just wiped them and left them for 2 weeks. It didn't smell but it was super dusty.