Monday, 8 December 2014

The Gut - The Root of All Health (Part 1)


The human body is not an isolated island at all. It does not live and function on its own. Rather, it is a complex ecosystem with billions and trillions of microorganisms.

It is amazing that most of the human cells are not human at all! Bacterial cells outnumber the human body cells at a ratio of 10 to 1!!!

Our Gut

Did you know that we have over 100,00,000,000 of bacteria of more than 400 species living in our gut? The food that we eat influences the way the bacteria functions in our body. These bacteria harvest energy from our food, provides us nutrients, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and is the defense AND offense army of our body.

Science is still not advanced enough to decipher each individual bacteria's job and potential. But what scientists do know is that these bacteria harvest, break down and ferment complex molecules from the food that we take. Some bacteria produce vitamins and fatty acids that our body lack. Some bacteria also help convert unusual chemicals into useful substances. For more information, click on LINK.

The gut is truly the root of our health!

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