Monday, 2 March 2015

6 Years - How Living With IA Taught Me How to Cook & Live

So today is 6 years.

6 adventurous years.

6 years of sky-diving adventures and falling-in-the-mud episodes.

6 years of (sometimes constant and persistent) food-cravings that sometimes drive me up wall thinking I am some cousin of Spiderman.

6 years of wondering when will all this come to an end. Will I only be free from all this when I grow old and die?

The good thing is I learned how to cook. And I learned how to live.

I guess that is enough to keep me going on till I hit 7 years.


  1. Life's an adventure, isn't it? I'm thankful you've been part of my adventure and grateful for all the information and support your blog has provided. Thank you!!!

  2. Congratulations on surviving the mine field of the last 6 years. You've done a great job.