Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The ABCs - L is For Liver


Just by typing the word liver, my saliva glands started working a little bit more than usual.

Suddenly, I could taste it!


Organ meats are dense with nutrition.

The thing about eating organ meats is that they must come from grass-fed animals. Animals who live in confined spaces with restricted space and fed on diets that consists of hormones and antibiotics to accelerate their growth is a big NO!

Organ meats are naturally high in vitamin A. They are also high in amino acids, healthy fats, vitamin B and B12, cell growth and CoQ10 (which helps with maintenance and is an anti-oxidant), and fat soluble activators which are important for mineral absorption (vitamin A, D and K).

Liver has very concentrated levels of vitamin A. It is also high in iron, choline, copper, folic acid, vitamin B, purines and natural cholesterol.

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    1. YUMMMMMMMY!!!!! Hehehe........

    2. Have you read on foie gras (I hope I'm spelling that right), fancy French luxury livers of geese and ducks? They use a tube and force feed the birds. So gross.

    3. Yes, I have. I don't think I've tried it though.