Monday, 16 December 2013

ER Again!

The moment I woke up this morning, I knew I had an UTI. The pain in the bladder was back and it hurt whenever I pee. And my back hurt in a funny way (and that only happens when I have an UTI). And I was running to the toilet constantly. Every 20 minutes!!! It reminded me of the time after I had given birth to Joel. I've never had UTI before I gave birth to Joel. You see, I was in labour for 17 1/2 hours. And I was bleeding and had high blood pressure. So they had to catheterise me as my bladder was so full. After that I had urine infections every month for 1 whole year. Did the tests, scans and X-rays and they couldn't figure out why. It was the catheter.

And so this round when they catheterised me for 2 days, I knew that somewhere along the line that I would get an UTI.

And this morning, it manifested itself.

My dad took me to the ER. Took urine sample and sent it to the lab. And yes, it had bacteria and blood and white blood cells are raised.

Infection indeed...

I am currently on Augmentine for one week.


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