Saturday, 21 December 2013

The Journey From A Picturesque View

My two guys sent me this to cheer me up!
The awesome nurses made sure no newspaper went inside the room. I cannot take the ink smell. 
By the time all the urine was drained from my bladder, it reached 1.4L. I am so glad my bladder did not burst.
The very careful dietitian made sure I had safe food to eat. She was the best I've come across.
Steamed fish, fried egg with no oil, ABC chicken soup, choy sum veggie, porridge and banana.
Steamed fish, cabbage, ABC soup, fried egg with no oil and soft rice. Papaya for fruits.
Yup, the catheter which they took out of my bladder! 
The sitz bath - the saviour!


  1. I bet you jumped right in and ate that porridge first! :)

    1. Actually, everything was quite bland. But it was very nourishing for the body! I just swallowed everything as I was in severe pain. Pain kills whatever appetite that one has!

  2. I'll have you know I have TOILETPHOBIA now. Every time I sit on a toilet I think of you and panic!

    1. Oh dear! But you're ok. So don't worry!