Thursday, 12 December 2013

Shit Happens! (Another ER Trip)

It is really unbecoming to be heading to the ER so many times.

The rectum spasms got so bad that it felt like I was having the bladder spasms. I spent the whole morning until noon in the toilet trying not to pass out from the spasms as I sat on the toilet bowl. I knew that I had fecal impaction. The bowel movements were so strong and small tiny pieces were only slowly 'seeping' out. I could feel the severity of the blockage in my anus.

Hubby rushed home at noon and took me to the ER. By then I was already in severe pain to the point that  I was delirious and my mind was a mess. I wanted to die from the pain. If I had a gun, I think I would have shot myself. 2 weeks of continuos pain. And two trips to the ER as a result of the pain. Even Iron Man would have died from the pain.

So they shoved an enema up my ass. And then I screamed in pain. I could feel the rawness of my wounds! My ass which had not bled for 3 days now was now on fire! I screamed and moaned and cried in pain. I think I screamed the whole hospital down. The nurse told me to hold the enema in for awhile so that the hardened stools could absorb the liquid and thus be expelled. My intestines churned and the pain in my ass combined together became a lethal combination. It was like a bomb which was going to blow my guts out. Finally, it had to come out.

Hubby helped me and we both sort of ran in a hobbled manner to the toilet. And when the stools came out, I screamed and cried aloud in the toilet. Even the nurse came running to the toilet, asking whether it was out or not. And the big one that was blocking the whole of my entrails came out!!! And then the rest all came out. And I bled again (after 3 days of not doing so). But I guess bleeding is better than fecal impaction.

The doctor said that if the enema did not work, he would have to do manual dislodgement. Which meant using his fingers to break up the stools in my ass. And then enema AGAIN! Oh dear god. More pain. Enema is good. Real good.

I asked the ER doctor to why it had happened. He told me that I have to go to the toilet MORE OFTEN!


More often?

Shall I make my bed on the toilet bowl?

Shall I sleep by the toilet bowl?


Hell! I'm already in the toilet 1/2 of the day!! Shall I stay in the toilet 27 hours a day then??

Oh God.

More often.

I'm drinking water to the point I want to vomit. I eat papayas everyday. Eating vegetables. Going to the toilet SO BLOODY OFTEN. Still on the soft diet. Eating the laxatives. Stopped the painkillers.

What else am I not doing right??!!!

Shit happens.

MORE OFTEN than not.


  1. MultipleChemicalSurvivor13 December 2013 at 01:10

    My god this is the worst hell. I can't even imagine. Did the doctor give you any good advice besides go more often???

    1. Eat laxatives. I have to retrain my bladder and bowels once my wounds are healed.

    2. 1 month or sometimes 2. Depends on individual.