Friday, 20 December 2013

Post-Op Check Up

So today is day 21.

Wow! 3 weeks have passed. Has it really been 3 weeks? It felt like yesterday that my ass got cut. *shudders*

So today was the 3-week post-op check up. I was nervous. *gulp*

So Mr. Surgeon pried opened my cheeks and hubby saw that there are STITCHES in my anus!!!! Oh god! And then Mr. Surgeon said 'GOOD!' I guess I'm healing nicely.

Mr. Surgeon said that it will take another month or so to fully recover. Mr. Surgeon has left it to me to decide when I would feel comfortable enough to drive and to stop the laxative.

There is still some swelling. And it would be normal to bleed here and there. Pain while passing motion is still unavoidable/inevitable. And sometimes I can feel the wound swelling up during the day.

But I thank god that the worst of the worst of pains is behind me.

I have begun to cook this week. But by the time I am done, I am exhausted. I would then take my bath and just lie down in bed. I have to slowly build myself up and go back to my routine. If not, come January when school starts, I will definitely be unfit and might even fall sick. Thus, it is necessary for me to push myself bit by bit to get back to my normal routine. Of course I feel like just lying in bed all day. But then, by not moving, my healing would be hampered.

I am currently petrified of porridge. 18 days of porridge day and night has scared the living daylights out of my stomach. I thank god for my mom and dad who boiled the porridge for me when I was incapacitated being in severe pain. The nutritious porridge with chicken and veggies helped me during my darkest times. So thank you to mum and dad! But I don't think I'll eat porridge in a LOOOOOOONG while now! Haha!

So I'm due to see Mr. Surgeon in one month's time.

I can't wait to be normal, up and about again.

I'm currently wobbling like a penguin and sit like the leaning tower of Pisa.

What a way to end 2013....


  1. Don't push yourself too much. Sleep is healing.

    You are so funny..."my ass got cut." HA!

    1. Don't worry. I won't 'over-push' myself. The fear of going back to the hospital again is enough to reign me in!!!!!!!!