Thursday, 25 October 2012

Count Your Blessings!

I was looking through a list of questions when this one caught my attention.

'What from your childhood are you most thankful for?'

I took a deep breath and let my thoughts drift back to the years when I could bend, squat, skip and not wince in pain and hear the bones in my back crack like rotten wood. Ahhh, those were the years!

So what am I most thankful for?

I am thankful that I was not struck with Idiopathic Anaphylaxis when I was a child.

I am thankful that I could eat whatever I wanted to eat, drink whatever I wanted to drink, smell whatever I wanted to smell, go wherever I wanted to go at my whim and fancy, sleep (or not sleep) whenever I wanted and use whatever products I wanted to use.

In other words, I lived my childhood with no restrictions.

I could go to my friends' house and eat the food that their parents cooked.

I could go to others' houses which had pets.

I could mingle with people who reeked with overpowering perfumes and 101-combined-scents.

I went out with my friends and had a blast with them at malls, concerts, eateries and parks.

I went for holidays and experienced the different cultures, food, sceneries and surroundings with my family.

I was not restricted by fatigue and exhaustion.

I was not restricted by this hypersensitivity in my immune system.

Well, a lot of people would think that maybe by living how I lived, ate, drank, used, touch, inhaled and breathed contributed to my state today.

I say hell, it was worth it.

If I could go back and live my childhood again, I would do it the same way.

'Cause if I had not met Death and Lived to tell of it, I would not be here today sharing with you my story and that I would not have met you!


  1. Yeah, but don't you think living a life without any dietary restrictions might have contributed to your current condition? I agree, it was fun as a kid to eat all that garbage, but our bodies weren't designed to eat some of the junk "normal" people still eat. If I were to go back and live my childhood over again (with my adult knowledge), I definitely wouldn't eat the same way. I believe, too, if everyone would start teaching their children healthy dietary habits, it would control many of the illness people get later in life: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, because these are all diseases directly related to food. But yeah, it was really fun drinking caffeinated beverages when I was younger. I miss the smell of Pepsi.

    1. Oh no, I wasn't referring to the 'junk' or 'garbage' food that a lot of people eat nowadays. I did not even drink soft drinks when I was small. I did not drink them even in my teens or adulthood as I disliked them. I was referring to foods such as ginger, spices, herbs, peanuts, vinegar, citrus of all kinds, vegetables of all sorts, anchovies, sauces of all kinds such as fish sauce, white sauce, black sauce, vinegar, rice wine...etc, curries, dried shrimps, santan, tea...etc. these are normal foods which I can no longer smell what more eat. And they are healthy food. Normal food in fact. But I take comfort in the fact that I could eat them when I was a child. Though I have severe cravings many times, I can take comfort that I did eat them when I was a child. :)

    2. You are lucky. My childhood was filled with junk food. It was our family's normal way to eat. Sad to say, all members of my family STILL eat junk food for every meal. Very unenlightened.

  2. That was such a beautiful post and brought something to mind that I often think of...I think, "Wow! How did I do it as a child?" I can't believe there was a time in my young life when I could go into a home with pets, eat peanut butter sandwiches and pasta with shrimp and garlic. I could eat chestnuts during the winter of all kinds, and never had to worry about my throat and tongue closing or swelling. I did not have to worry about fumes or pollen from nature. I did not dread the change of seasons. I completely understand you here and I too, am grateful I had a carefree childhood in that respect. :) To your health and much love, Cyndy

    1. Thank you Cyndy. All the best to you too! HUGS!!!