Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Only Way Out Is Through

A ship in the middle of the great, giant ocean caught in a typhoon-ic storm.

A warrior in the midst of battle with a torn arm and a spear through the shoulder.

A cancer patient going through chemotherapy with all its never-ending horrendous side-effects.

A single mother whose left foot is in the shoe called Father and the right, Mother working nine to five everyday to give her children the life that they deserve.

An addict in the midst of cold turkey.

A patient with an unknown ailment which perplexes doctors to no ends, with steroids as the only answer.

A person who had sunken into the chasms of depression with Suicide, Fatigue, Exhaustion and Insomnia as constant companions.

A dreamer whose dreams that got stolen, ripped apart and discarded like ash.

A husband who lost his wife and children in a tragic accident.

A child who had to grow up too soon as she was now an orphan.

Upon escaping Death, the Human became afraid to Live.

They all had not one thing in common, except this:

The only way out is through.