Friday, 11 November 2011

Back On My Feet

After two days of fighting this flu-bug which I had ALMOST succumbed to, I am back on my feet. Well, almost! As my body was fighting the virus, I did not want to burden it with salicylates. So I cut back on salicylates and only ate food that was on the low-end of the salicylates table. Will be salicylate-free again tomorrow.

10th November

Rice with scrambled eggs, lightly stir-fried lettuce vegetable with garlic, minced chicken with sliced potatoes and rice! All the dishes were cooked with sea salt and sunflower oil.

11th November

Baked fish (I honestly do not know the name of this fish in English!), stir fried french beans with garlic and rice.  The fish was baked plain - no salt or oil and it was VERY tasty and sweet. It was fresh from the wet market. The vegetable dish was cooked with salt and sunflower oil.


  1. @Alpha: Ah YES! Pomfret! But not sure what type of pomfret this is. It is not the white, black nor gold pomfret.... I don't even know how to translate it! :P

  2. I think in chinese is called 'tau tai chong'.

  3. @Tammie: Really?! Will check. Must really find out the name!!! :) Thanks!