Thursday, 24 November 2011

A Crappy Day

The flu bug is really having a party. My eyes are constantly tearing, my nose is leaking excessively, my sinus is perpetually clogged up, my taste buds are literally useless, my throat feels like sandpaper and very soon I will be churning out records with a voice like Loius Armstrong. My joints are aching and I am having insomnia. I should be singing 'O Happy Days' instead of 'O Crappy Days!'

So my diet will be salicylate-free as much as possible as I do not want to tax my immune system. It is already in a battle with this virus. And no, I cannot even have Paracetamol to 'comfort' me.

I had the usual sliced potatoes with minced chicken and iceberg lettuce with garlic.

Iceberg lettuce with garlic, cooked with salt and sunflower oil

Minced chicken stir fried with potatoes cooked with salt and sunflower oil.

This amazing rice cooker can stir fry dishes. I have even fried eggs in them! Not only can it be used to boil rice, I use it to boil my soup, stir fry dishes and boil porridge. I have even cooked stew and made claypot chicken/fish rice in this. This is a very useful cooking equipment. And yes, it can stir fry vegetables too!


  1. what do you mean by it can do stir fried? did you mean you simply put little oil in and it will do the rest of the job?

  2. oh do you always have to cook rice first then the dishes? or you have two rice cooker?

  3. I have two. But I sometimes use the microwave to boil my rice.

  4. you seem to be quite weak recently, hope you will get well soon!!

  5. I don't know why this seems to happen at every end of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!