Saturday, 5 November 2011

ONE Year of Container Gardening

It was during this time last year that I decided to start a container garden. I had actually thought of it as a 'holiday project' for my son and I to spend the school holidays together. Little that I know that it would turn into a little garden that would feed our tummies over and over again.

I am glad that I started this 'little' project as the vegetables are so different from the ones that are bought from the supermarket. Even the organic vegetables that are bought from the organic mart lose hands down to the vegetables from my garden. The taste, smell and texture of the vegetables from the garden is just...... Errrrm, there's just no words to describe it! Nothing can be compared to it. It's just super-delicious-yummy-to-the-tummy-now-you-see-it-now-you-don't-'cos-I-just-finished-the-whole-bowl! And my vegetables do not burn my mouth or give me Hades-inducing-allergy-migraines.

So to celebrate the anniversary of our mini container gardening, the heavens are rewarding us with..... non-stop rain! Days of it! It even rained 5 times a day 1 week ago! Now we can't complain about the 'showers of blessings' right? Hehehe... It's definitely time to move those containers under the shade!

Let me share with you some pictures of what we have planted so far in our humble little garden!

C is for Carrot!

Though they were tiny and there were only 3, they were the best smelling and tastiest carrots I have ever smelt and eaten!
C is also for Capsicum

O is for Okra! This is the okra flower.
Unopened okra flower buds

The red okra unopened flower buds

T is for tomato!
The bowling-pin-shape cherry tomato
Another bowling-pin-shape cherry tomato
S is for Siu Pak Choy!
The tray that was devoured by the creature below!
S is also for SNAIL!!!!!
The harvest!

Kangkung (Also known as Water Spinach. It is an Asian leaf vegetable)
Abundant chilli padi!

Bumper harvest of cherry tomatoes!


  1. This is absolutely brilliant, Evelyn! I shall follow in your footsteps.


  2. Well done!! i never knew about container gardening until i saw them on your post!! they are definitely looking very delicious

  3. @Alvin: Thank you and all the best!!! :)

  4. A very wonderful & great effort put into your container gardening :) Esp luv the yellow sweet but they are quite high in salicylate, right? Can i have some capsicums when u have a bumper HARVEST???

  5. @Tammie: Thank you! Yes, they are quite high in salicylate. I eat them when my threshold is doing well and in VERY small amount. A bit or two. And yes, I'll pass you some WHEN I have bumper harvest! :)