Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Day Seven & Day Eight


Well, finally it was the last day of the salicylate-free diet. But I started having flu-like symptoms and it is not very good news to me. No medicines and just good food to fight the virus does not sound very comforting. I made baked fish, stir-fried lettuce vegetable with garlic, salt and sunflower oil and steamed beancurd. Sorry to say that there are no pictures as I was really down and out. And I just crashed in bed the whole afternoon and evening.


I made chicken soup with carrots, home-grown tomatoes, celery and potatoes to fight this bug which is trying to wear me down. After yesterday's '40 winks' which turned into 4 hours, I had felt better. But today, I felt as though I had been run over by a steam roller. Thus, tonight will be an early night for me. Goodnight! And may the sleep help my immune system!


  1. Sorry to hear that. Drink lotsa water. Take care & get well soon :)

  2. @Tammie: Thanks! I am better already! :)