Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Salicylate Threshold Totally Maxed Out!

As of yesterday, my salicylate threshold had totally maxed out. My mouth was burning even from a drink of water. I even had a slight foreboding feeling that my body was going to end up in another anaphylactic attack if I did not IMMEDIATELY go on a salicylate-free diet. Though I have been on a rotation diet, I had been eating cucumbers, carrots, french beans (my favourite!), zucchini and tomatoes. And in future, I have to space them even further apart. Still in the learning process even after 32 months.

Here is a link to the salicylate content table:

As of today, I have started my salicylate-free diet which consists of steamed salt chicken and lightly stir-fried cabbage. Not very exciting, but a must in order to survive. Tomorrow will be minced chicken with sliced celery. And the day after, plain chicken soup. And the day after that.... I have no idea. I will crack my brains and think of what to cook then.

But it is good to be alive. And well.

Rice with steamed salt chicken & lightly stir-fried cabbage


  1. I checked your list, it seems that gin, whiskey & vodka are low in Sal, wahahhahah! That's a good way to numb the misery, no? LOL. I think u can add mashed potatoes to the list, seasoned with your sunflower oil maybe? Hang in there dear. Hugs.

  2. @Marina: Oh yeah, I am tempted with the hard liquors but I don't want to send my parents 6-feet under prematurely from the stress if I do consume them! Haha... Besides, stomach a bit weak of late from too much meds. Yah, mashed potatoes with salt and sunflower oil is a great dish too! :) Thanks! Hugs.

  3. alcohol do not go well with meds :(