Thursday, 3 November 2011

Day Two of Salicylate-Free Diet

So day two came and is almost gone. Yippeee! If the days pass faster, then I am able to get off this boring food cycle and eat some salicylate food AGAIN!!! I seriously can't wait. I want to eat french beans!!!!

Today is good though, because I can feel my threshold going up again. I can feel the body getting stronger. My mouth isn't burning like yesterday. And I can even tolerate 'foreign' smells from outside my house. Such as the neighbour's detergent and cooking with abundant spices.

I had minced chicken cooked with potatoes and celery today. Cooked the dish with a little sea-salt and sunflower oil. Can't wait for the 'compulsory diet' to be over!

But it's great to be alive. And WELL!!!!!!

Minced chicken with potatoes and celery

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