Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Day of Cooking & Baking

I had actually planned to go out today with my guys to do some organic grocery shopping. But I was feeling tired. So we stayed at home and I did lots of cooking and baking. And the guys helped with kneading the dough! (And eating too!)

I made a special dish for the guys. It's bean paste cooked with chicken and organic 'fu chok' or otherwise known as 'bean curd skin'. I have not cooked this dish in a very long time. The bean paste is bought from an organic shop.

I also made fried bitter-gourd with eggs and fish cakes for myself! Yum-yum!

I baked a wholemeal + buckwheat bread. I used buckwheat flour for the first time. And it gave the bread a very nice flavour. I also baked 2 trays of oat crunchies. And the cooking and baking took me 6 hours!!! I am going to snore tonight! Haha...

Fried bittergourd with eggs
Beanpaste chicken with 'fu chok'
Home made fish cake!
Oat Crunchies
Wholemeal + Buckwheat Bread


  1. Everything was delicious!!! How I know? I was there!! Yummy to the tummy!!!

  2. @Anonymous: A second helping? ;)

  3. Yum Yum!!! Can't wait 2 try yr almond & banana muffins soon :)

  4. @Tammie: Haha... Yeah, soon, hopefully! Hehe...